Our Commitment
As an employment and recruitment service provider APS Personnel understands the importance of maintaining workplaces and recruitment practices that are free from unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. Our clients, employees and contractors expect us to be leaders in recruitment and workforce management and we understand that our influence extends to candidates looking for work, employees working directly for us, individuals working on assignment as on-hired workers and to clients seeking our advice and support.  We therefore promote recruitment based on merit and fairness.

We recognise that a workplace free from unlawful discrimination and harassment will inspire confidence, creativity and general wellbeing which will ultimately result in improved productivity and better delivery of service to customers and clients.  Our ability to maintain healthy workplaces is also critical to our capacity to attract higher quality candidates and present them to our clients. Unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, will not be tolerated by us and we encourage the reporting of any alleged breaches of this policy and related procedures to management and other nominated equal opportunity officers.


Direct discrimination means treating someone unfairly or less favourably because of one of the personal characteristics listed below or because of their association with someone identified with one of those characteristics.

 Indirect discrimination happens when a rule, policy or requirement unnecessarily or unreasonably disadvantages a person or group of people because of a protected personal characteristic they share.

Harassment is behaviour (through words or actions) based on personal characteristics listed below, that is unwanted, unasked for, unreturned and likely to make the workplace an unfriendly or uncomfortable place.

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, request for sex or any other sexual behaviour that a reasonable person would know or expect would offend, humiliate, seriously embarrass or humiliate another.

Personal Characteristics Protected by the Law
In most States and Territories of Australia it is unlawful to discriminate or harass a person in the workplace on the basis of the following characteristics or personal association with someone who has, or is assumed to have, one of these personal characteristics:

  • age
  • breastfeeding
  • carer status
  • disability/impairment
  • gender identity
  • industrial activity
  • lawful sexual activity
  • marital status
  • parental status
  • physical features
  • political belief or activity
  • pregnancy
  • race
  • employment activity
  • religious belief or activity
  • sex
  • sexual orientation

Application of this Policy
This policy applies to our recruitment and employment practices, including our recruitment systems, performance management processes, promotional policies, training policies as well as our remuneration and bonus structures. This policy applies to our employees, contractors, volunteers and on-hired workers whether they are another organisations workers working within our workplace or those on-hired to our clients. This policy applies to all work within standard working hours as well as functions, events and training that are sponsored by us e.g. conferences and Christmas parties. Where a complaint arises during the course of an on-hired worker assignment with one of our clients we will work with our client to ensure the complaint is effectively managed and resolved.

Responsibility for this Policy

Whilst management of APS PERSONNEL are primarily responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented at all levels of the business, it is important that all persons covered by the agreement understand that they have an active role to play in implementation.  We may assign specific responsibility for implementation and complaints resolution to employees of the company. Any person covered by this policy has a responsibility to report suspected breaches of this policy to management or other nominated equal opportunity officers.


We are committed to resolving any complaints fairly and effectively.  All complaints will be treated confidentially, fairly and consistently, and resolved as speedily as possible. Complaints shall be resolved in accordance with the APS PERSONNEL Equal Opportunity Complaints Resolution Procedure and all persons covered by this policy are required to adhere to this procedure unless suitable alternative arrangements are agreed.